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There are thousands of health and wellness companies in the United States.  How do you know which ones to work with or even contact to find out about the types of programs they offer?  Here we try to help you answer this question by providing you with information about some of the wellness companies we’ve identified in our research.  Please select from the links found above to learn more about the organization named in the link.

When looking for an organization to help you with your own wellness programs you’ll want to consider some of the following:

What products and services do the offer?

Obviously you this is important, but make sure you don’t eliminate companies from consideration just because they don’t offer every product or service you’re looking for.  Many wellness companies specialize in one component or another of a comprehensive wellness program.  Like building a home, you want to find someone to oversee the whole project but also work with specialists that provide specific services better, faster and cheaper.

Are they experienced?

Check to see how long the wellness company has been in business.  This is important, but don’t rely too much on this indicator.  New wellness companies may have better, more up-to-date solutions.  This is especially true when you’re talking about anything with a technology component.

Where are they located?

Though important this isn’t necessarily as critical as it might be with some types of products and services.  Many wellness programs can be delivered remotely and don’t require the provider to be all that close.

What ROI can be expected with their wellness program or service?

Lots of wellness companies talk about industry average ROI, but brush over any specifics related to their programs.  Don’t be fooled – ask them for specifics related to their programs.