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Health and Wellness Companies

Wellness Directory

Looking for a health and wellness company? If so then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled and categorized a list of leading health and wellness companies.

These companies offer a wide variety of programs and services including: health risk assessment, health screening, health coaching, online tools and resources, incentives and points based tracking, walking and other fitness programs, onsite flu shots, health fairs, health promotion staffing, consulting, seminars and employee education programs, behavior change programs, weight loss and nutrition education, stress management, tobacco cessation and many, many other services and programs.

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Wellness Consultants

Health and wellness program consultants, or wellness consultants are a great resource for employers looking for guidance in designing and maintaining their health promotion initiatives.  High quality consultants are well versed in program development, implementation, evaluation and improvement.

The best consultants have many resources at their disposal and are NOT married to any one company or vendor.  This is not always the case.  We find that all too often consultants make recommendations that are good for their earnings and not necessarily best for the organization they are hired to assist.

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Wellness Quotes

Wellness quotes are simply proposals for wellness programs. Wellness quotes can be requested by many types of organizations and people. Companies that provide these types of proposals are accustomed to working with human resource professionals, insurance brokers, non-profits, governmental agencies, employee assistance providers and any other industries.

The cost of wellness programs varies greatly depending on many factors including the number of lives to cover, the number of locations and the specific types of programs being requested.  Like many products or services we buy, prices are generally lower the more you buy.  As a result, smaller organizations can expect to pay more than larger organizations.

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Wellness Program Blog

Our website also includes an extensive list of articles and blog posts about all aspects of health promotion and wellness programs.  We offer advice on developing health promotion programs, finding and evaluating vendors and service providers, implementing programs, evaluating them and determining ROI, industry insights and news – and many other related topics.  We hope that you’ll take a few minutes and check out the articles and information we’ve posted.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for then we encourage you to contact us and let us know.  We’re happy to write about most any topics related to health promotion programs and the industry in general.

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